The Essential Process for Successful Recruitment and Retention

Presented by:
Ron Byrne, Vice President, International & Student Affairs, Mount Allison University
Jon Parsons, Manager, Institutional Research and Enrolment Analysis, Mount Allison University

Developing an institutional response to enrolment management is one of the greatest challenges for universities and colleges in Canada.  For many institutions, talk is much more prevalent than action about enrolment management. Furthermore, an “institutional” focus is often interpreted to be the sole responsibility of the recruitment and admissions departments.  To be truly effective, multidisciplinary teams need to be formed to address this issue and must work together throughout the planning and implementation stages.

This full-day workshop will address the key challenges involved in developing and implementing an effective SEM plan. The workshop curriculum includes:
•    Identifying and removing barriers to adopting an institutional approach to enrolment management;
•    Defining your institutional objectives and being prepared to promote and “sell” those objectives across the institution;
•    Developing strategies for engaging the entire institution in SEM development and implementation;
•    Identifying, collecting and analyzing information critical to effective SEM at your institution; and,
•    Building a SEM plan with colleagues from across your institution to achieve your objectives.

In order to take full advantage of this workshop, you should assemble your institutional team (ideally 3 or more members) of senior recruitment, admissions, and financial services staff prior to attending. At least one academic champion should also be included on your team and if possible all team members should take part in the full-day session. Teams will be requested to bring to the workshop specific institutional data relevant to the development of an effective SEM plan.