At Brainstorm, we envision a time when all students will confidently pursue their best educational opportunity, access the career development support they need, and easily transition into the right opportunity to launch their careers.

Our mission, therefore, is to eliminate friction, inefficiencies, and misinformation from the student recruitment, career development, and hiring processes.

We do this by providing strategic consulting, actionable research and information, and effective training to the employers that hire students and the institutions that educate them and support their development.

Our energy is focused on students’ career exploration, post-secondary institutions’ recruitment and engagement of students, career development and experiential learning supports, and employers’ student hiring and new grad development programs.

Founded in 2003 by Graham Donald, Brainstorm has advised many of the country’s largest employers, universities, and colleges. We have led well over sixty conferences and training programs, and conducted research with more than 100,000 students and recent grads.