Brainstorm offers employers a wide range of services and programs based on more than 20 years of experience in campus recruitment and a deep understanding of how to build productive relationships with young people.

Whether your company is looking for a strategic plan to increase your campus recruitment success or you want to understand, engage and retain the young people currently on your staff, Brainstorm provides consulting, research, training and professional development events to meet your needs. Read on to find out how we can help you today.

Strategic Consulting

Brainstorm is Canada’s leading consultancy for campus recruitment and new graduate engagement. We offer customized strategic planning advice to employers along with our suite of diagnostic tools – the Campus Recruitment Audit, the Campus Strategy Plan, Brainstorm’s Social Media Audit – to help you understand your current position in the market and how to improve your campus efforts.


The Canada’s Top Campus Employers Report is Brainstorm’s annual large-scale omnibus survey of more than 20,000 post-secondary students, conducted in partnership with DECODE. With the results of this comprehensive survey we are able to provide our clients with a fully customized report including up-to-date information and revealing trends. In addition, we also undertake a wide range of research projects customized for our clients to focus on small groups of key stakeholders, targeted samples of potential clients, and/or large national groups of potential candidates.

Training and Education

Brainstorm offers training programs and customized workshops for our clients as well as keynotes and other presentations on a variety of topics. Brainstorm’s President, Graham Donald, is an expert on the movement of students from high school through post-secondary studies and into their careers with their first employers. His presentations and workshops touch on all aspects of understanding, attracting, connecting, recruiting, retaining, and managing today’s students and young workers.


For businesses hiring students and recent graduates, Brainstorm’s Campus Recruiting Forum is not to be missed. This one-day conference is a must-attend for recruiters wanting to maximize their investment on campus and get the best candidates for their company.