Brainstorm has spent more than 20 years helping universities and colleges engage more effectively with young people.

Our work includes consulting, research and training for college and university campus career centres and co-op offices, as well as education marketing and enrolment management professionals. We focus on this distinct niche and offer services to improve marketing, branding and strategic planning efforts in academic institutions across Canada. Our expertise has helped us build a widely respected and highly valued role in this sector. Read on to see how Brainstorm can help you do your job better.

Strategic Consulting

Brainstorm offers career education and marketing and enrolment management professionals strategic planning, management training and marketing expertise. We build customized strategic plans for post-secondary institutions along with offering our diagnostic tools – including Brainstorm’s Strategic Planning Process and Social Media Audit – to help you understand your current position in the market and how to improve your student recruitment, retention and engagement efforts.


Brainstorm undertakes a wide range of research projects, which can be customized for post-secondary institutions to focus on small groups of key stakeholders, targeted samples and/or large national groups of students. In addition, the large-scale From Learning to Work Report, based on an annual omnibus survey of more than 20, 000 students from across Canada, includes comprehensive information about how students make career decisions, where they gather information, who influences their decisions, what they expect from their campus career centres and much more.

Training and Education

Brainstorm offers training programs and customized workshops for our post-secondary clients as well as keynotes and other presentations on a variety of topics. Brainstorm’s President, Graham Donald, is an expert on the movement of students from high school through post-secondary studies and into their careers with their first employers. His presentations and workshops touch on all aspects of understanding, attracting, connecting, recruiting, retaining, and managing today’s students.


Brainstorm’s events engage hundreds of career development and enrolment marketing and management professionals from educational institutions across Canada every year. The Strategic Enrolment Marketing & Management Forum (SEMM Forum) is a one-day conference focused on post-secondary education enrolment in Canada, including topics like effective brand development, front-line recruitment effectiveness and improving student success. The Career Development Summit (CDS) is an opportunity for leaders and managers in co-op offices, career centres and other career development programs on campus to increase their knowledge, develop their management expertise and share experiences with colleagues from across Canada.