Computer Science

2024 Top Employer Awards

More than 21,000 members of Canada’s future workforce – current university and college students – took part in the Brainstorm Student Career Interests survey.

Each student evaluated and ranked up to five employers they would most like to work for.

The results below represent the most authoritative ranking of employers by Computer Science students published in Canada.

Top 25 (in rank order)

  1. Google
  2. Apple
  3. Microsoft
  4. Amazon
  5. Facebook
  6. Netflix
  7. Tesla
  8. NASA
  9. Ubisoft
  10. IBM
  11. Government of Canada
  12. Air Canada
    1. Electronic Arts
    2. Intel
  13. SpaceX
  14. Sony
  15. Canada Space Agency
  16. Shopify
  17. Deloitte
  18. Bank of Canada
  19. CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service)
    1. Canada Revenue Agency
    2. Adidas
  20. Bell
  21. TD Bank Financial Group / TD Canada Trust
  22. Boeing
  23. Blackberry

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