Congratulations to the Future Workforce
Top Employers for 2024!

More than 21,000 members of Canada’s future workforce – current university and college students – evaluated and ranked the employers they would most like to work for.

The Rankings

The rankings comprise the most authoritative view of the brand strength of these organizations as prospective employers of students and new graduates.

Canada’s Future Workforce Top Employers for 2024 were announced via a series of webinars in October and November 2023.

Congratulations to those employers who ranked among the top in the following categories:

OverallArts & ScienceBusinessComputer ScienceEngineeringHealth & Medicine

In the Overall category, representing the votes of all 21,000 students, we have presented the Top 100 employers. In the other categories, we award the Top 50 or Top 25, depending on the number of student respondents in those majors, to ensure the validity of the results.

Follow the links above to find out where Canada’s future workforce wants to work most.

About the Research

In addition to these rankings, The Brainstorm Student Career Interests Report provides insights into Canadian students’ career aspirations, job search processes and behaviours, workplace attributes, and employer preferences. The survey included key demographic data, such as gender, geographic region, diversity groups, major areas of study, year of study, and more which facilitated reporting in a number of different categories.

Comprehensive reports are available in various categories. Each of the 2024 Brainstorm Campus Recruiting Reports includes in-depth findings, based on the unique attributes of students in specific majors or diversity groups, enabling employers to make data-informed decisions and investments with their time and resources. Each of the reports also highlights key attributes and differentiators that are relevant to hiring organizations and suggests important questions for employers to consider and act upon to ensure that they can attract the talent they need to support their business success.

Employers can learn more about available reports here or contact to enquire about custom reports to meet your specific requirements.

Educational institutions can learn more about participating in the research and accessing free custom reports as a partner here.

For more information about the research, customized reports, and other details, please contact

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