2024 Brainstorm Campus Recruiting Reports

Do you have the right information to support your strategy?

The 2024 Brainstorm Campus Recruiting Reports provide employers with invaluable information to support the development of an effective campus recruitment strategy and attract the right talent for their organization.

They include insights into Canadian students’ career aspirations, job search processes and behaviours, desired workplace attributes, employer preferences, and much more.

The 2024 Brainstorm Campus Recruiting Reports are produced in numerous editions focusing on the unique attributes of students in specific majors or diversity groups to help employers develop their campus recruitment strategy and attract top talent.

The 2024 Brainstorm Campus Recruiting Reports are based on comprehensive research conducted with more than 21,000 Canadian post-secondary students.

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More Than Data: Actionable Insights and Advice!

In addition to providing data related to students’ career aspirations, interests, and workplace preferences, the reports explore numerous factors affecting student recruitment and retention such as how they learn about opportunities and engage in recruitment activities, what attracts them most to prospective employers, and much more!

Each of the student reports includes information to help you better understand:

Where students want to work

Which workplace attributes are most attractive to students

How students differentiate job opportunities

What students value most

How students choose prospective employers

Where students go for information about employers

Who influences students’ career decisions

Which social media channels students are using

Which employer interactions are most effective

What students expect in terms of salaries, benefits and promotions

How students assess co-op and internship opportunities

What students’ consider to be their biggest job search challenges

How employers can differentiate their brand on campus

And much more

Available Reports

The 2024 Brainstorm Campus Recruiting Reports focus on the results and insights
based on the following student categories:

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