Recruiting Engineering Students Report

What You Need to Know About Engineering Students in 2024



The Recruiting Engineering Students Report analyzes today’s undergraduate university engineering students’ experiences, career interests, and work preferences.

The report includes over 80 pages of data and insight to help employers gain a better understanding of:

  • Where engineering students want to work
  • Which workplace attributes are most attractive to engineering students
  • How engineering students differentiate job opportunities
  • What engineering students value most
  • How engineering students choose prospective employers
  • Where engineering students go for information about employers
  • Who influences engineering students’ career decisions
  • Which social media channels engineering students are using
  • Which employer interactions are most effective
  • What engineering students expect in terms of salaries, benefits and promotions
  • How engineering students assess co-op and internship opportunities
  • What engineering students consider to be their biggest job search challenges
  • How employers can differentiate their brand on campus
  • And much more!

The Recruiting Engineering Students Report also highlights key attributes and differentiators that are relevant to hiring organizations and suggests important questions for employers to consider and act upon to ensure that they can attract the talent they need to support their business success.

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