2024 Campus Recruitment Outlook Report

What Employers Need to Know About the Competitive Landscape Today



Here’s what’s included

With over 35 pages of insight into Canadian campus hiring activities and 30+ charts and graphs highlighting key findings, the report is designed to help you develop effective student recruitment and communications strategies to attract, engage, and retain top talent.

  • Key factors influencing employers’ hiring forecasts
  • Top goals of employers’ campus and early talent recruitment programs
  • The diversity groups employers are actively seeking on campus
  • Retention rates of new grad hires after one, two and three years
  • Employers’ top 23 recruitment challenges in rank order
  • The number of campuses employers hire from and the average number of students they hire
  • The types of activities campus recruiters are typically involved
  • % of employers running student ambassador programs
  • Employers’ perceptions of the top schools for business, engineering, and computer science
  • Rankings of 33 approaches employers are using to build brand awareness
  • Changes in hiring levels for full-time, summer, co-op and internship positions
  • % of employers who increased, decreased or maintained their previous year’s salary levels
  • Top aspects of corporate social responsibility most important to employers
  • Insights into implementing co-op, internships, and summer programs as pipelines for talent
  • The increasing challenge of reneged offers
  • Changes to job application and job acceptance rates
  • The top 13 challenges faced by early talent managers in rank order
  • Benefits of hiring back co-op and intern talent
  • Channels employers are using to reach diverse students
  • Most valued relationships on campus
  • The top 5 schools based on employers hiring success in recent years
  • The number of campuses employers visit in person and virtually
  • The top 13 skills employers seek in new student job candidates
  • Plus 9 “reality checks” prompting employers to rethink their perceptions and behaviours in light of the data
  • And much more…

2024 Quick Facts

  • This year’s survey of Canadian employers was conducted online between November 2023 and January 2024
  • The survey was distributed via email to more than 2,000 Canadian employers and promoted via LinkedIn
  • More than 100 employers are represented in the report
  • More than 20 industries are represented
  • Employers represented in the report hire in every province and territory with the exception of Nunavut
  • Participating employers range in size from those with fewer than 100 employees to those with more than 100,000 employees in Canada
  • New this year, we’ve included information about the types of activities campus recruiters are typically involved in as well as how many employers have student ambassador programs.


Based on an annual survey of Canadian employers, The Campus Recruitment Outlook Report provides insights into the current state of campus recruiting as well as a forecast of expected hiring. The report covers a wide range of subjects including: hiring statistics, recruitment methods and behaviours, campus activities, preferred skills, key challenges, goals of their recruitment programs, and much more!

The Campus Recruitment Outlook Report includes key metrics and information about current trends providing employers with everything they need to execute an informed campus recruitment strategy.

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