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Every Tuesday morning, Brainstorm delivers the Weekly STAT to your inbox.

Each issue of that STAT (an acronym for Students’ Thoughts and Trends) provides a brief snapshot of one aspect of today’s university and college students’ views, aspirations, or interests based on insights from the annual Brainstorm Student Career Interests Benchmark Report.

Based on an annual survey of more than 20,000 students, The Report is Canada’s most comprehensive study of the behaviours and preferences of today’s post-secondary students.

There are two editions of the Weekly STAT:

The Weekly STAT – SEMM Edition provides insights relevant to more than 5,400 Canadian post-secondary education professionals working in areas such as communications, marketing, enrolment management, admissions, recruitment, student services, and retention.

The Weekly STAT – Careers Edition provides insights relevant to more than 2,500 professionals working in student career development or as employers engaged in attracting, engaging, and recruiting students on Canadian campuses.

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Advertising Opportunities

Each edition of the Weekly STAT includes opportunities for targeted product, service, or event advertising.

Weeks SEMM Professionals (5400+ subscribers) Employers (1300+ subscribers) Educators (1200+ subscribers)
1 $350 $350 $250
2 $550 $550 $400
3 $700 $700 $500
4 $825 $825 $575

Note: All monetary amounts listed above are in Canadian dollars and applicable taxes are additional.

If you’re interested in advertising, please email to arrange your targeted exposure. Each advertising opportunity includes:

  • Image: 600 x 350 px in either .png or .gif format.
  • A trackable link to the desired webpage.
  • A report on the percentage of email opens, and the # of times the advertisement was clicked.
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